ALIS promotes LETExpo – Logistics Eco Transport to give further impetus to a sector that increasingly represents a pillar for Europe’s social and economic development and for its competitive positioning in the global market.

ALIS is a transversal association born with the aim of promoting a progressively  sustainable development of intermodal logistics at national and European level, bringing together for the first time: road haulage companies, shipowners, railway companies, freight forwarders, terminal operators, service and logistics companies, ports, interports, universities and research centers.

A network that today has more than 1,500 member companies, for a total of 172,000 workforce units, a fleet of 128,500 vehicles, 140,500 annual maritime connections, 125 Motorways of the sea, 160 railway lines, 200.000 annual rail connections and € 25 billion of aggregate turnover.

ALIS operates daily, together with its associates, to guarantee a better life quality and a future for new generations, through concrete investments aimed at safeguarding environment, infrastructures, trade’s internationalization, modernization and logistics’ digitalization. Through its aggregative project on a national and European basis, ALIS aims precisely to create new synergies between sustainable transport operators and the entire logistics chain: the increase in intermodal maritime and railway connections represents, in fact, a concrete objective and sets the premise for a sustainable and truly integrated logistics, which effectively contributes to the reduction of polluting emissions and other harmful substances emitted into the atmosphere.